Home Base Earth Global Architectural competition

The main goal of this competition is simple.

We want to collect ideas, technologies, and innovations from all around the world showing proper knowledge to create solutions to our problems as human beings and to spread awareness about migration.
We want to give you the chance to be a part of putting these solutions into action.

Awards and Incentives

The winners of this competition will receive far more than money can buy.

Cash Price 5000$ for the winning team

This can open your carrier perspectives in a multidimensional way.

A chance to present your work in WGIC'2022. The date will be announced later.

Besides the chance making this sophisticated group of international experts a part of your future carrier network you receive the exclusive chance of being part of the realization team of future projects from HBE.


  • You can register as an individual or team with a maximum of 4 members.
  • The team members can come from various educational background like architecture, environmental, urban planning which will enable them to design the eco settlements. Collaboration between multi-disciplinary participants are encouraged.
  • The team members can be any interested person. For example, it could be a mix of Undergraduates, Postgraduates or PhD students enrolled in a full-time program and staff working in any educational institutions.
  • No Age limit

Sign up now

Fill in your details in the application form and submit them to us. You will receive an acknowledgment email. 
Applications are open from until 31st May’2021. For more details, feel free to use chat box or mail us on info@homebase-earth.org


Steps in the competition



Participation in this global challenge is open under two categories, individual and teams. You can participate as students, professors, or an organization. Register your team or yourself on our website. Register until 31st May 2021.



With the guidelines given, start building a town in your preferred hotspot from the scratch covering all the key areas mentioned in the website.



The final date to submit your project is 31st August  2021. The project must be submitted in the website portal. The project can include a report written in the given template, CAD drawings of your plan, posters and pictures.  Any other form of presentation that will explain your project better please submit them in a PDF format.


The land chosen for Hotspots has enormous opportunities for building eco- settlements. The participants can choose areas plus or minus few kilometers around the mentioned areas below. 

Short nameMa_1Et_1BD_1
ClimateMediterranean climateSubtropical with seasonal rain, depending on the altitudeMonsoon climate
TopographyFlatNearly flat on plateauFlat, swampland
Possible local materials for settlementsSand stonesBambooClay
Economic opportunitiesHydroponic agriculture, TourismBamboo production, Hydroponic agricultureHydroponic agriculture
Main challenge/ RisksPorts for refugees to flee to Europe crossing Meditereanean SeaEthnic conflicts, huge refugee camps nearbyHuge existing migrant camp nearby

What makes a good proposal?

Key areas to work