We want to focus on Home Base Earth, a city concept for migrating people where they find a safe home to arrive, settle permanently and life in harmony with others and nature.

25.9 Million people are on the run due to war and poverty. They live in tents and other slum structures. These city types need to be substituted into places with infrastructures that allow respectful human life.

 We believe that for a bright future of those that need a relocation we will find with this competition environmental and buildable solutions, here on earth and now. Architecture together with other disciplines play a key role in this process.

With your designs we want to research  this solution for newly build cities that in the following time not only be eco friendly new homes, but also become business hubs that will support the national economy.

OUR vision

Our vision will provide input, turning migrants from unutilized humans into high productive working forces, living in safe and environmental self-build home bases in harmony with nature.

Turning unfortunates into fortunes, from losing homes into building new self-composed communities that welcome you with open arms.

You may have lost all hopes, – but we will never lose hope in you!

If you do not give up, – together we can and will create your new and bright future, – that you and we all deserve now.

If you listen to your heart and listen to your mind, join us now – be a part of our team – register now.


The mission of our organization, which warmly invites you to become part of this global network is to bring out ideas on how to build sustainable home cities for people in general and migrants in particular;

where they can live peacefully in harmony with the environment that they build with their own hands.